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It is my first negative review. 1-star rating I am afraid... you pay more to get a premium service but that is not the case with SIXT. Rented a car from these scammers Last September 2019 in Pisa /Italy ,my mum had died and she was getting buried in Italy,l had no problem with the vehicle at the time but a few months later they sent me an email saying that l had damaged the wheel on the drivers side we inspected the car and there was no damage l refused to pay the 160 euros but then they l go another letter form their solo terms so the bill went up to 252 euros ,l couldn’t believe it,l was going through a difficult time ,how can they do this do there clients no more,make sure you video the car when you drop the car off /disgraceful. We rent a car in Lisbon airport for three days at SIXT rental car. However, invoiced for the booked car (Station Wagon) and recovered that amount despite me disputing the invoice. Just check them out.Booked a Fiat 500L that said would fit 3 cases and on arrival was given a tiny panda car that would fit only one. !I booked 2 months before and once in bari airport, the operator (rude and unprofessional)refused to give me the car just because my credit card was British and my licence Italian.She replied that was their rule and I could find this info on terms and condition.When I asked her to show me she refused.Anyway on the app doesn't say anything regarding this.So the 30th of July when the price are very high the left me like an idiot without even apologise and I had to ask to another company and likely I find a car but I had to spent 3 times more that what I planned plus I miss a business appointment.I was really excited to try for the first time this company but now I really regreted. Unlawful and fraudulent use of signatures and charges from credit cards seem to be commonplace. I tried to call for 1 week the customer service but it says that actually they are unable to help the customer and sent 2 email with no response. Apparently the rate changes per time rented and it got to be the same amount. 246 Sixt reviews. Drive or be driven. The invoice was poorly written and at first I thought it was a regular email spam, but to be sure I contacted their customer service which confirmed the sent charges. Scam! 63 people have already reviewed Sixt. . Thanks for the replies. Rented a car from Cagliari for a month. Join the 228 people who’ve already reviewed Sixt. The World’s 9 Most Unusual Rules Involving Cars , World Travel Awards 2018: Sixt Honored with 14 “Oscars”. CARSHARING WITH NO LIMITS No limits for cars, duration and drop-off points - also at any SIXT station. SIXT you have ruined our holiday, I could not have expected to be treated as badly as I have been today.We booked a rental car through SIXT some weeks back and our flights changed (as is common in the current COVID context and something anyone looking to go away can relate to).We arrived 2 hours after the specified time of the booking and waited 1 hour to be served as there was only one member of staff working.When we eventually got to the front of the line the member of staff rudely told us that the reservation had been cancelled as we had been more than one hour late.This is nothing I have ever heard of before and just imagined that it would be the same as trining up to a hotel 1 hour later than the booking.Equally I rent quite a few cars a year and have never heard of this.Surely this would have been the time to highlight this the most to travellers?When I spoke to them they said that they work on live prices which are now four times higher than what we had paid.I imagine this is why they used this technicality in the terms and conditions to sell at a higher price.We were both looking forward to this holiday as it’s been a difficult period for us (and the world for that matter). ), they seem to have a habit of doing so. The transaction took around 20min and we were off to our destination.I gave two stars because after reaching out to SIXT customer service, they quickly responded and assured to refund me the whole rental price. As of now I am waiting for the refund. Sixt uses cookies to provide you with the best possible service, to improve and evaluate the content of the website and to promote Sixt products. Stay away from these guys, they will scam you out of your money!They charged me for over EUR 700 of services I had specifically declined at the desk and for other fees/costs they never gave me any notice of. I spent this time two months in Portugal, renting car from different companies i.e. Just ensure you have approx 2k on a Credit Card to let them take the deposit - they're not going to be strict at looking for scratches upon return and you'll get it all back. I booked a car for 14 days. How can this industry get away with fraud! We drive carefully, don’t break any laws, and somehow don’t get any scratches from the narrow village roads all the way from Tuscany to Sicily. Do you agree with Sixt's TrustScore? Used it and returned it on the 14th day no problem. I have so many vouchers outstanding with expiries and if they are not flexible then it is the same as waste. When I asked for a specification of what the charges were referring to they refused to answer and continues to send reminders threatning debt collection agencies.I have also tried to contact my domestic SIXT customer service but they are not responding neither. Their support staff think just black or white, no layers of grey! Very unprofessional. Reserved and paid for a car at SIXT Olbia Airport Sardinia.The Deal: Mini Cooper Clubman + 1 extra driverArrived at the dealer on time, ready to get our vacation going. The rate was the same for SIXT. Disgusting company with no existing customer service!! They gave me a voucher, just like airlines, but only redeemable in the sixt.com website for reservations in the USA and with expiry date one year from the time of the rental. From packing up the kids for a vacation road trip or looking … [Read More...] about The Best Cars For Long Distance Driving, Electric cars are the choice of environmentally aware … [Read More...] about What Are the Best Electric Cars? We booked our trip to San Diego, had to cancel because of Covid-19, and were told that we would get a portion of our $338 rental back because "that is company policy" - it amounted to a refund of $143 and a voucher ($143 as well) that I had to use with their company for the other half. I specifically chose, requested and confirmed in person, prior to signing, that the car I was renting was a 4x4. Car rentals in over 100 countries, flexible carsharing just around the corner, and ridehailing worldwide. Friendly Sixt guy greets us, walks once round the car (we take our own pictures for assurance), sits inside and notes the mileage and condition of the car. Nice service. Nice car - don't fall for the sales scam to buy their insurance; it would essentially double the cost of the booking. You can also leave a review of a Sixt rent a car station directly on the main Google search page: Here are some reviews from customers who rented with us from Orlando Airport, the station featured in this article. Sixt 'customer services' have chosen not to respond and just take the money for a service they did not provide.Quite despicable really. Sixt gave us incomplete information when we picked the car up and, when we dropped it back off, their rep was supercilious and condescending. I obviously cancelled the reservation as the president of the USA, Trump, restricted access to Europeans. 2.8. sixt.ie. Your experience can help others make better choices. about The Best Cars For Long Distance Driving, about What Are the Best Electric Cars? Open your car directly with our App and enjoy the ride. City/airport: Edinburgh. On arrival they notified me that no Tipo was available and said that I could only take a Fiat 500L, stating that it was in the same category- this was a blatant lie. The absolute best car rental service I have ever had! Get to the car, check it for the damages registered on the electronic paperwork. How many stars would you give Sixt B.V.? SO I’M UPGRADING YOU TO AN AUDI Q2 [basically a mini-SUV with a ridiculously powerful diesel engine and reliable performance].” “YES PLEASE!” I sign the credit card block and the contract. Read 1262 customer reviews of the Sixt Car Hire www.sixt.co.uk Car Hire & compare with other Car Hire at Review Centre Type the name of the Sixt branch you want to review (normally “Sixt + location”) in the search bar on the top left and click on the magnifying glass icon to search. 2,352 were here. All reviews are public, so anyone can see what you write. Finally he says he could magically accept her credit card but ONLY if we take the upgrade he pitched us a few minutes ago!! We would really appreciate an online review from you so that we can continue to … I rented a car from Sixt at the Malpensa Milan airport. At Sixt rent a car, we welcome customer feedback and view your comments and compliments as an important part of our growth as a company. How to write a Google review to Sixt from your PC. Tip: when filling up, even at the self-service pumps, you’ll need to be assertive that you want to fuel up the car yourself or you might end up paying more for an attendant who tries to do it.We bring it back in one piece after 2,100km at Palermo airport, having fuelled it up to the brim just before. The car looks beautiful, basically brand new, immaculately clean inside and out. Read 1 more review about Sixt Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore Cyril 3 reviews. Our SIXT Network remains operating and your safety is our top priority! Needless to say, such actions constitute a criminal offence. Velkommen til Sixt Bilutleies kontaktinformasjon. His mood suddenly switches from friendly to unintrested. They started charging my credit card only after I had returned the car - once a week after the return, then once more almost 2 months after the return! At that moment he tells me that the Mastercard I paid the rental with beforehand can not be accepted for the deposit due to being a prepaid credit card. Voice your opinion today and hear what 1445 customers have already said. We park everywhere very carefully and try and store the car overnight in manned parking houses with camera coverage (although Southern Italy and Sicily felt much safer and secure than any of the things you’ve heard in the past). SIXT you have ruined our holiday, I could not have expected to be treated as badly as I have been today. Om du ønsker å stille oss noen spørsmål om Sixt bilutleie, gi oss råd, eller du har behov for å kansellere en bestilling, ikke nøl med å kontakte oss. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Terrible experience; wait for them to call you back after you return the call to scam you with more money like oh your bumper is crashed, oh you did the did that; they're rubbers, liers!you usually reserve one car and they're always out of it and offer the other car; they said If you want that car that you selected, you need to pay much more!Bottom line, they can ruin your vacation completely, before you start your vacation, and even one year after your vacation; I'm still paying them even a year after my vacation to Italy, for no reason. Used Sixt a couple of times in different countries and had no problems with them. Highly recommend! Do you agree with Sixt's TrustScore? We rented a Sixt car from Rome airport with full insurance to make sure we were covered. They did not try to push expensive additional insurance when I declined it. Sara on the desk claimed was same category even though clearly 2 below and would in fact have been £200 cheaper. Not leave people stranded with no solutions.Please do not send me a generic response asking me to email customer service below.To anyone looking to book with SIXT please be cautious, I am sure this is not the only dubious practise that they use in pursuit of revenue maximisation. Next time I will rent my car from a serious dealer.... © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Didn’t mire a great rental experience, but this explains why no five star rating.I am passing no judgement on other renters’ experiences, but this was ours and we honestly had the best time with Sixt - I hope this can serve as a useful guide to those who need it and provides a fair evaluation of Sixt in our instance. ... Sixt Reviews 63 • Average . !Disgusting company!!! Join the 21 people who’ve already contributed. I should note that we did it through AutoEurope, because we felt reassured that this broker would be able to deal with any issues that arose (more on that later), and they offered us a good deal with a free additional driver, as well as comprehensive insurance.Turned up at Venice Airport to be greeted by a friendly member of staff, who offered us insurance: “No thank you, got AutoEurope insurance.” “Okay, no problem.

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